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Every singer and voice is unique so 21st century music offers fully customised lessons which focus on your own vocal style and genre. Many singing teachers offer a one size fits all approach to teaching. This is perhaps not the best solution. I realise you are unique. I won’t change you or your vocal style. I will help you discover and build upon your natural vocal skills and style. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional singer looking to fine tune your voice I can tailor lessons to suit your needs.


What Are Your Qualifications?

21st Century Music’s Principal Vocal Coach Ian Castle has been performing for the past 20 years in many different musical genres including Musical Theatre, Opera, Jazz and Contemporary Pop Music. Ian feels it is very important that a teacher is out there performing themselves.

“It proves that we practice what we preach and can relate to our students.”

Ian has been a professional vocal coach for the past 13 years. He has a Bachelor of Music majoring in Voice and also runs a successful online vocal coaching business called Aussie Vocal Coach.Com which has a large global following via his learn to sing YouTube videos which have been viewed over 3,277,000 times with 24,000 subscribers.  Having so much exposure to thousands of singers and the problems they face has really honed Ian’s skills as a coach.


 Do You Offer Any Extra Facilities?

We are living in a completely different musical environment compared to just 10 years ago. The studio offers some exciting benefits like free wifi so students can use their Ipad to stream lyrics, recording of practice tracks and exercises or even the whole lesson so students can practice at home and keep a record of their progress. Students also have the option to access Ian’s recording studio and music video production to expose their singing to a larger audience. Not only does 21st Century Music teach you how to sing, we help you get your voice out there.  21st Century Music also has an air conditioned waiting area for you to relax or work.  Tea and coffee facilities are also available to students and parents.



Here’s a wonderful message I received recently from one of my overseas “online students”…

Hi Ian,

In 2011 i was looking for a hobby that would fascinate me. 
Finally, singing emerged as a great alternative.
At the age of fifteen, my choir director gave me the opportunity to sing solo.  Later in my life when I was  an adult  the choir director also gave me the opportunity to sing soloist.

So, after reflection I thought that it might be interesting for me to have a serious look at singing.  After weeks of vocalizing in solo , I had  a look on the internet to see the possibility of buying a singing course.  There were actually several offers.  Finally I went to you Ian, placing all my faith in your competence,  knowledge and experience.  I never had any regret for making this choice.

Every day I warm up my voice with you (on DVD) before beginning my training and I always finish with the warm down exercises that you suggest.  To vary my voice training I often return on your first course on DVD.

Recently you give me the mention ….. VERY GOOD STANDARD i am very proud of that evaluation.

For me learning and practicing is a very serious task.I practice my voice six days a week for 60 to 90 minutes / day (I grant a day / week giving a rest to my vocal cords)

I take credit for my evolution in singing but I also want to pay tribute to you in my success. I  give you a lot of credit also for your availability and time  you give me via Internet.

I appreciate it very much.

Ian, I would like to tell you sincerely THANK YOU x1000 for your help.

My best regards to you and your family.

—Jacques Lefebvre

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I have been having lessons with Ian since I was 11 years old. Ian has inspired me to follow my dreams with singing. I have progressed so much since taking lessons with Ian and have gained so much confidence. Ian is easy going but also tests your limits to make sure you keep growing. I have full faith in him that he will help me reach my full potential. I am extremely proud to be Ian’s student and can’t wait for what the future holds.

—Stephanie Nelson

Working with Ian Castle has been an amazing experience! I can see how much I have improved over the last few months. It is amazing to work with such an experienced and professional teacher who has taught me so much. The best part of being Ian’s student is he gives you the opportunity to perform.  Not only does it give me a chance to show off my voice and practice my performance skills it has also boosted up my self confidence as well.  Ian is an amazing teacher and I wouldn’t want anyone else. 


—Teoni Nelson

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My daughter Tahlia is 11 years old and started singing with Ian 18 months ago.  Tahlia loves going to lessons each week, which is always a good sign!  I can see her confidence growing not only in singing, but at school.  She was always very shy but is starting to speak up and lead more in class.  I am very happy with all Tahlia is learning.

—Diane Dick

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Ian Castle is someone who has changed my life. He has given me the power to put a song on iTunes and has assisted me to get myself ‘out there’. He is an amazing singing teacher, mentor and personally, a great friend. Highly recommend working with him :)


Samantha Brennan

Since joining 21st Century Music and starting singing lessons with Ian, my daughter looks forward to his lesson each & every week. His fun, easy-going teaching style is complimented by his technical expertise.

—Terrie Griffiths