The YouTube Revolution

YouTube has completely revolutionised the way we watch and interact with musicians. It has also created a very accessible format and platform for any musician to get their music out there, build an audience and make a decent living doing what we love, creating awesome music! Before YouTube, artists fates were very much in the hands of the record labels. We are at a point where technology allows us as independent artists to produce quality music at very low costs and the ability to reach a global audience. An awesome combo!

How Can 21st Century Music Help?

21st Century Music has its very own in house production studio which specialises in high quality and affordable music video and audio production. We can take care of everything from creative design, audio engineering, cinematography, editing and we can even set up, manage and moderate your YouTube channel.

What is Involved with a Music Video Recording?

There is a simple process for recording high quality videos. First we sit down and discuss the song you want to record so we can design the look and feel you want to achieve. Do you want to film in our studio, a location, or a combination of both?

You have the option of pre-recording your song in our recording studio and then syncing that to your video footage or recording the audio and video live. Both options produce great results.

During the filming session we record multiple takes of the song with two cameras. This gives us a multitude of different camera angles and interesting footage to create a great looking video.

Once we have finished the recording sessions we begin the editing process, combining the video footage and audio recording to create the finished video. The finished video is then previewed by our client for approval to be uploaded to the world of YouTube!

How Much Does it Cost?

There are a range of options that can suit any budget. Our basic package for a video which is recorded with live audio in our studio is $195. That includes a 30 minute design meeting, a one hour filming session in our studio, audio and video editing and the finished video supplied on a USB. It also includes an audio version of your song.

The Premium option includes a one hour audio recording session in addition to the basic package for those who would prefer to pre record the song. The cost of the Premium Package is $295

For those who are feeling more adventurous there are other options like location filming for a more cinematic style. For example hiking up to the top of a mountain for a sunset shoot or setting up at the base of a waterfall or something equally crazy but amazingly effective for YouTube videos. That type of thing can be discussed in person.

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