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The 12 week piano course is designed for people who want to learn how to play the piano but don’t want to spend years getting to the point where they can confidently perform at a high level. This course is definitely for someone who wants to learn how to accompany themselves while they sing. For someone who perhaps plays a guitar and wants to be able to record a keyboard track for a song. For someone who needs to be able to play keyboard for a band or for music teachers who don’t want to rely on backing tracks.

It is a course for modern contemporary performers. If you are wanting to play Mozart or Beethoven this is not the course for you, however classical players would also benefit from this technique.


What Will I Learn?

Over 12 weeks you will learn the Major and Minor chords that make up the structure of every song ever written. Each week will focus on one major and minor chord and how you can create impressive note patterns that will have your audience thinking you have been playing for years. You will learn how to coordinate your left and right hand to produce full and rhythmical accompaniments. You will learn how to play a song without having to read music by following a lead sheet. You will also learn some basic musical theory that will help you structure your playing.


Who are You?

I have been playing piano for 32 years. I played classical piano until my late teens and had I not fallen in love with singing would have pursued a performing career on the piano. As a full time vocal coach I have to be able to play hundreds of songs for my students. Sitting down to learn that many songs is almost impossible. I actually use the exact technique that I teach in the 12 week course to be able to play any song, often without having heard the song. I am also able to listen to a song and within a few minutes play it on the piano without any sheet music. I am able to do this by knowing the 12 major and minor chords and the techniques I show you in the course.


How Much Does it Cost?

The 12 week piano course is available in two formats.

1: One on one lessons with myself for $395.
3: Purchase the 12 week course in video format and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Basically you can put your ipad on your music stand and follow my easy to follow instructions as I guide you through each lesson. The beauty about this option is you can re-watch each lesson as many times as you like. The 12 week video course is $120

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