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21st Century Music offers Guitar Lessons with Bernie Smith.  Bernie is a very Experienced, Qualified and Passionate Teacher and Performer, attributes that all 21st Century Teachers must possess. Bernie has a teaching degree, 10 years teaching experience and currently plays in 5 bands:

Reggie D and the Bloozers (Blues), Citadel (Pop,jazz), Jackson James (Country, Blues, Pop), BK Blue (Jazz) and Sababa (Jazz, Funk Fusion)

Bernie teaches a variety of styles including Pop, Jazz, Rock, Country, Funk and Folk. As a singer who has been playing piano my entire life I know how beneficial it is to learn an instrument and the theory, techniques and skills from a mentor (Youtube doesn’t count). As a teacher I also share Bernie’s philosophy….

“A large emphasis of my lessons is on devising an effective practice plan for the individual needs or wants of the student”

Lessons are available for Beginner students through to Advanced and are open to all ages.

Call Ian on 0414659079 or email to book your lessons.

Check out Bernie (on the right) jamming with Jackson James

Guitar Lessons

Beginner to Advanced
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