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What is 21st Century Music?

We are living in an ever changing musical world.  The way we listen to music, the way we interact with musicians and the way music is produced has changed dramatically in the past few years.  The way music is taught has to change to meet the needs of modern musicians.  21st Century Music offers services that cater for the new generation of musicians.  We offer:

  • Customised Vocal Coaching and Singing Lessons that focus on developing and improving your natural vocal style.
  • Modern Piano Lessons designed to have you playing confidently in as little as 12 weeks.
  • Instrument Tuition With Port Macquarie’s Best Teachers and Performers
  • Affordable Music Production including Recording Sessions and Music Videos to get your music out there.
  • A Range of Learn at Home Video and Audio Courses.
  • Many Performance Opportunities including Concerts and EP Launches.
  • Rehearsal Space for Bands and Groups

Meet The Principal of 21st Century Music

Ian Castle is the founder of 21st Century Music and is a Professional Singer and Pianist, Vocal Coach and Producer.

Ian has been teaching singing and piano for the past 12 years from his studio and focuses on providing customised lessons that cater for individuals.  Ian firmly believes that as a coach it is his role to bring out the best in a singer and not try and change their individual style and passion for singing and performing.

Ian is a very active professional performer.  His career has spanned 20 years performing classical, music theatre, jazz and more recently contemporary music.  Ian believes that it is important that a teacher is out there practicing what they preach as it makes it much easier to relate to students and clients.

Ian has a large global following as a vocal coach thanks to his Aussie Vocal Coach online business. His learn to sing videos have been viewed over 2,000,000 times and has a subscriber base of 18,000 online students. Ian has been playing piano for 33 years and has experience with song writing and musical arranging.  With his wealth of teaching, performance and musical experience, Ian hopes to pass on his expertise to inspire others and give them the skills and confidence needed to excel in the performing arts.

When not performing or coaching Ian can be found in his recording studio producing quality audio and video recordings.

Latest From The Studio

Ian Castle is an amazing singing teacher and mentor to my daughter. Extremely talented and knowledgeable about all aspects of music. Caters for all individual needs. Highly recommended!!!

—Cindy Brennan

When I first started singing with Ian I knew nothing about technique or how to use my voice. Ian was so warm and welcoming and over the year and a half I went to him, he had taught me so much that without his help I wouldn’t be studying voice at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney. He helped me come out of my shell and be confident in myself and my singing to an extent that I don’t think anyone else could. I would recommend Ian to anyone who wants to start or continue with singing as he is an amazing teacher, vocal coach and person!

Billie-Jean Bullard

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